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With Angora you can be sure that you will like it.

Design studio

Angora logo

Welcome to you.

Angora puts all its know-how at your disposal.

To create your future communication support together,

which will allow an impact on your entire activity.

For a striking communication, which will satisfy and create an emotional bond.

Let’s move forward together on your projects.

For an enriching collaboration.

Which will lead to a common result.


Here are the different services offered by Angora.

Logo packing Perseids packaging


For any type of request, in different formats, adaptable to different media.

Poster Poster Eyes Wide Shut cinema movie Kubrick Cruise Kidman


Poster, Cover (vinyl, Blu-ray...) for Print, Web.

Print not included

Nature therapy business card

Visit card

In the desired format, double-sided.

Print not included.

Sensory trip Travel website


Showcase site in PHP (Wordpress, Wix...)

Spa hotel flyer


Leaflet, or other, print communication support.

Print not included

visual, case, rigid, samsung galaxy


For a poster, a cover (vinyl, Blu-ray...), miniature... For Print and Web.


Passion is an art form in itself.
It finds its identity in each of us.
We are free to enrich it and transmit it through creation.

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